Some stats about Belgium

Mobile Internet usage doubled in Belgium between Sept 12 & Sept 13 (from 6 to 12% of global usage)

Mobile Internet usage doubled in Belgium between Sept 12 & Sept 13 (from 6 to 12% of global usage)










These are quite mainstream statistics, but when it comes to Belgium this a too rare resource.


To succeed, user experience has to be an End to End process

Jesse James Garrett about the role of User Experience in organisations:

11 minutes worth watching.

Jesse James Garrett shares his view on how user experience is creating an extended understanding of people’s context.
By taking this toolkit and state of mind into the product strategy phase it become possible to engineer what the people will expect and how they expect to use, buy a product, but also how they will act afterwards, how they will share their experience.

This can enable companies to have a sight on their path to innovation.

You can do an interface that has everything done correctly and still have a poor conversion rate.
Because you are at the wrong place, time and/or with the wrong proposition/content.
You are out of people’s context and then not creating a match within their own 1st person movie.

Nike for instance has operated a mutation and offers today no longer sportwear but a sport and life experience : clothes, gears, apps & sites, online shop and online support (fully social) is a global experience.

Achieving such a mutation within companies DNA, requires to inception user point of view at the very early stage of the product/project creation.

Adaptative path, Jesse James Garrett’s cult digital agency, is making the observation that the cross channel experience is more and more the lens trough which businesses are able to view and forge relevant products & services offers.

The silo thinking philosophy is progressively replaced by a collaborative work, operated transversally across departments, where decisions are taken all together.
This with the end customer’s point of view as the magnetic north.