SEO – Keywords selection assistance tool


This is a great tool to identify the complementary keywords you would like to put in your content/ads to get more leads. [...]

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How to reduce hard bounce during form encoding

A nice short vidéo by the Luke himself that explains how to improve email input field’s performance.


&nbsp [...]

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Responsible Logos

When everything should be multi device compatible, so is your logo. Here are some very nice examples of what a responsible logo can be [...]

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GetSmily Blog’s Interview

Get Smily is a young startup proposing a tool to measure emotions & satisfaction on websites, they provide emolytics. A couple of months ago, I was interviewed about emotions in user experience & how it matters. Some of the questions I answered :

How important are human emotions in [...]

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When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive

James Gleick quote used in title comes from that great presentation from the Future friendly guru Brad Frost that released a presentation about Big Data and Infobesity


Death To Bullshit from Brad Frost

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To succeed, user experience has to be an End to End process

Jesse James Garrett about the role of User Experience in organisations:

11 minutes worth watching.

Jesse James Garrett shares his view on how user experience is creating an extended understanding of people’s context.
By taking this toolkit and state of mind into the [...]

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Why User Tests?

Very interesting video explaining the limitations of asking the user some feedback [...]

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Usability Has Become A Commodity

Nice article about usability and user experience: [About Usability] “people will be more likely to notice its absence rather than its presence [...]

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