Phone Number Login

Login is one of the most annoying roadblock towards conversion and seems unavoidable for most services.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to manage sign up & login issues, phone number is one of them.

Facebook dev is showing a way to do it. Obviously for the mobile 1st […]

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Digital Transformation & IT Consumerization

Worth watching presentation (2012) about the new role of IT in a context of consumerization […]

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Bill Joy : old inspiring speech still totally accurate and brilliant

Bill Joy, the former founder of Sun Microsystems, writer of the essay Why the future doesn’t need us, had few years after participated to one of the early TED talks.

The keynote is a worth watching moment of a true visionaire.

10 years ago everything is totally […]

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Watching recommandation : Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook

A worth watching presentation on application development:

Facebook explain how they have create a new infrastructure & architecture to improve quality & decrease development time simultaneously.

&nbsp […]

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I know Kung Fu 

Kung fu : chinese term referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete, often used in the West to refer to Chinese martial art.

I tend to believe that any expert developing his discipline is actually a Kung Fu practitioner.

Source: Kung […]

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The technical debt is killing enterprise velocity

The end of business as usual

Business is changing (at least) as fast as the rest of the world.

Brian Solis, coined the term Digital Darwinism to speak about companies that did not survived the digitisation of their industry sector (and the ones that did).

There […]

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Digital transformation

A nice presentation on why transforming your company isn’t only good for business, but for anyone working there

You can find a lot more on this on my digital transformation Pinterest board […]

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E-Commerce TOP 10 trends 2015

2015 is already there. How ecommerce will evolve? What are the major context changes? And how companies will have to react […]

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World Usability Day

This month, I gave a speech at the World Usability Day in Brussels.
This was about the basics of the attention economy & the attention crisis that arrose from the digital shift.

You can find the slides on slidehare (better viewed in fullscreen […]

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