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Some corporates companies I collaborated with:


Raphaël is probably the most digital person I have met in the course of my career. He has particularly impressive general and digital knowledge, and follows current affairs closely. In business, we often have a tendency to create complexity and his greatest strength is that he simplifies things so that the customer receives the best possible experience. We work with Raphael on 2 projects. I appreciate his holistic approach where he rapidly sees the risks, benefits and consequences. He quickly understands the people he works with, making cooperation effective and respectful
— Véronique Marichal (Digital strategy & omnichannel @Carrefour)
An insightful expert that is pleasurable to work with. Raphael has clear expectations and knows how to deal with multiple projects and various stakeholders. Always keeping the right balance between business objectives and user needs, Raphael has great value in key meetings thanks to his eloquence and well expressed perspectives.
— Philippe Dewamme (UX Manager & Strategist @Netway for a mission at VOO)
Raphael is a very talented designer and UI/UX specialist. He’s aware of the latest techniques to ease user’s navigation and propose innovative and well made design. It was a pleasure to collaborate with him on various websites.
— Fabian Villers (Software developer @VOO)
We worked closely together in the same Product & Services Web team.
Raphael is a smart guy in customer experience common sense. Enthusiast team member and entertaining to work with, never failing an assignment.
His photographic talent also impressed me.
— Dirk Lecluse (Consultant @Proximus)
Raphael is a kick-ass lateral thinker, down-to-earth and result-driven, with tons of leadership. Quite a few years on the same work bench at Bugbusters, without a single fail.

Excrept from season 1 :

Raphael thys : “Cross the streams...”
Michelange Baudoux : “You’re gonna endanger us, you’re gonna endanger our client. The nice lady who paid us in advance before she became a dog.”
Raphael thys : “Not necessarily. There’s definitely a very slim chance we’ll survive.”

Who you gonna call?
— Michelange Baudoux (Senior Web Consultant @Proximus)