Telcos : disruption is coming

Telecom 2025

In an excellent Linkedin article, Dirk Rohweder, announce a disruption at the very core of the Telco industry forcing the ones who want to survive to change their business models.

5G by its design will force Telecom companies to challenge themselves, moreover, big tech companies like Tesla, Google, Amazon and so many others depends on connectivity for very lucrative activities, depending on local telecom companies might become an issue or at least a risk. That's why they are all have plans for global internet (free?) coverage.

SpaceX wants to launch 4000 satellites around the world , Facebook has a mix of satellites and high altitude solar drones, and Google on top of its Balloon project is backing the SpaceX project.

Not very difficult to see that Telcos, in order to survive the 2020 milestone, will need to change their value proposition and their positioning for a complete reinvention.