Raphael Thys

Raphael Thys


Service design in a phygital world

Disruption = opportunities

After web and social web, here is mobile, internet of things, 3D printing, robots, learning machines and big data, artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, never before mankind lived several revolutions simultaneously. 

This turns to be a huge challenge for companies, but huge and numerous opportunities are equally numerous.

The 4th industrial revolution at our doorstep

We live an exciting time where the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution is at our doorstep. Nothing that we use to take for granted, nothing that we know, hasn't radically changed or will in the coming years. Technology innovations and disruptions are reshaping every sectors of industry. 

Experience is the way to go

Companies, to escape the commodity trap needs to provide their customers a flawless experience. Within the attention economy where people have developed outbound marketing and advertising blindness, brands can no longer properly sell anything, instead, they need to help people buy.

I'm helping you

As a consultant, teacher & coach, I help companies to go trough these exciting, but also worrying times. With practical and actionnable plans, together we work iteratively based on pre defined performance indicators. 

I’m a certified User Experience Designer at (Jakob) Nielsen (Donald) Norman Group


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My founding moment: "I'll live in the future"

The future and its impact on people (thinking, feeling, behaving) 

As a kid I was a Sci-Fi fan, fascinated by the future and all it has to promise in term of technological revolutions. The year 2000 was definitely the ultimate milestone to vision of our world. 

Until one day, still very young, I realised that I would be a young adult at that time. Suddenly I realised that my life would happen in that sci-fi. 

The past 2 decades have been absolutely mind blowing in term of changes, and this is nothing compared to what is ahead of us. 

Everyday news are announcing technologies & innovation that were pure science-fiction only few years ago. 

AI, robots, 3D printing, Internet of things, bionic, nano & bio techs, the pace of change is absolutely insane.

Let's enjoy the ride.